Thursday, July 2, 2015


exercise #7: exposition, longer form

This is an attempt to write longer paragraphs that include long descriptions or more vivid exposition of a certain scene. Also, I plan to try and make writing more fun for myself by creating more comedic metaphors :D Time will tell how good I'll be at it!


What do you see when you close your eyes, when the darkness slowly overtakes you, its tendrils snaking over your world-weary body? How do you feel when you sink deeper into somnolent trance, sinking like you had a gift of concrete boots?

Perhaps...your life now, eh? But better? I'm sure you would be familiar at the sights and sounds of your present life - the solemn boredom, the quiet desperations (or maybe not so quiet), the brash confidence you attempt to project daily - no-one's buying it, you know. They'd sooner buy an old boot from a leper than listen to more of what you try to sell of yourself. But if you squint, perhaps they are happily smiling at your every word, adoring of your every action, hung up on every gesture you make. Such a fun way to live, ain't it? Maybe one day, you could be the knight that slays the dragon for some fair maiden. She'll fall into your arms gratefully, maybe give you a peck on the cheek, stroke your hair, tend to your injuries. The populace will fawn over you and shower you with adoration. But no, that is not the life you get to lead. You're just the drunk in the tavern, slurring your arrogant proclamations, fighting ferocious fictions from your own mind.

Or'll go on an adventure! Yes! You escape from the dull life you're leading, taken away by an exotic, mysterious lady and her precocious, hairy wolf. Her hair will be black as ink, her skin as pale as ice. She grasps your arm, pulls you out,'re floating? Wait, why are you in a spacecraft? Are those aliens? They look an awful lot like octopi...but with bird-like facial features. Oh, it doesn't matter, you'll be FLYING out of the galaxy! Look, a flash of red - must have just passed Mars. The rings of Saturn, shining beautifully oustide your window; who knew that dust could looks so marvelous? And as you reach out for Jupiter, it seems so much more...furry than you expected. Like petting an owl, or reaching for a child's first art project - it's never what you expect it to be.

Whatever it is, I hope it gives you some escape from your world, from the tired world and dull routines of life.

But for now, I'm tired.

Maybe I should go to sleep.


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